District 31-O Goals 2017-2018

Based on club membership July 1, 2017

Boys & Girls Home                                   $ 2.00
Clinical Eye Research                               $ 2.00
LCIF                                                             $ 2.00
Jack Stickley Fellowship                          $ 2.00
William L Woolard Partner in Service  $ 2.00
Sid L Scruggs, III, Beacon of Hope        $ 2.00
Leader Dog                                                  $ 1.00
Peace Poster/Celebrate Liberty              $ 1.00
Gov. Morehead School                             $ 1.00
VIP Fishing Tournament                         $ 2.00
Total per member                                     $ 17.00

All Governor’s goal monies are to be mailed to the District Secretary/Treasurer:

PCC Ron Kelly
17 Beasley Drive
Pinehurst, NC 28374

Please include a breakdown of amounts to be applied to each of the goals when mailing checks.

The Brighter Visions Annual Fund Goal for District 31-O is $142,400.00.

At our current membership, this is around $112 per member.

Mail Brighter Vision Funds to:
NC Lions, Inc.,
PO Box 39,
Sherrills Ford, NC 28673.

Every Lion is encouraged to sell 3 books of Camp Dogwood Raffle tickets.
Money and ticket stubs should be mailed to NC Lions, Inc. at the above address.