Sharing the Good News

Information is great,  but information that is not shared does no good.

One of the information resources for 31-O is the district email list  This is for the District Governor or District Chairs to share information about upcoming district meetings and other happenings around the district.   There seems to be a belief that it is only for club officers.  That is not true.  It is for ALL LIONS of 31-O.

For new club presidents, secretaries, and treasurers you should be set.  I add your email addresses at the beginning of the new lions year.

If you have not been receiving emails, check you “JUNK” or “SPAM” email to make sure it is not being blocked.  Another, more technical reason it may not be coming thru is: we typed it wrong.  The nice thing is that you can fix it yourself.  Sign-up is on the district website at

Just enter your first name, last name, and email address and you are good to go.  It will even tell you if you are already signed up.

If you still have problems contact me at

Did you know this?  Well now you do.  Now share this with all lions members.

Mike Johnson

District 31-O Public and Information Technology chair