2022 Vass Lions School Grant Program

  March 2022                                                                           Vass Lions Club

The Vass Lions Club recently completed their ‘School Grants’ program for 2022.

A total of $2,925 was awarded to three schools in the Vass area.

Letters were sent to seven Vass area schools and grants were awarded to:

Cameron Elementary School –$1225

For reading resources for their increased student population of struggling 4th and 5th grade readers. They will purchase several Text-to-Voice reading pens.

Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School — $1200

The request was written on behalf of the 5th grade teachers at Sandhills Farm Life Elementary School. Collectively they teach 64 students. The money will be used to purchase  hands-on science materials for their students. They need hot plates, beakers and graduated cylinders, toy cars and ramps, Lego sets, and balances. None of these requested materials are considered part of their normal operational budget.

New Century Middle School – $500

“The project proposed will provide outdoor counseling space for their students. This grant was requested to purchase items for this area such as outdoor bench, bird bath, wind chimes.

Vass Lions Bonnie and Jon Laurich personally delivered the checks to the principal and teachers at the three schools.