YouTube link to club Secretary & Treasurer training session

Good morning District 31-O Club Secretaries and Secretary/Treasurers,

  Below is the YouTube link to the training session if you were not able to attend when it was presented on June 18, 2022. This link will also be posted on our District Website for your reference.
   Club Secretaries will have until August 18, 2022 to review this and earn 1 point towards being a 100% Secretary. You should keep in mind that in order for your club to be 100%, you must be 100%.
   You will find that reviewing the entire video will be beneficial if you are the Secretary/Treasurer of your club and you are encouraged to do so.
  We have a record of who attended the initial session in June. If you could not attend the initial session and are reviewing this for the first time, please send me an email upon completion stating that you have reviewed it and I will give you credit. Prior to the deadline, I will be sending out a final reminder to those that have not responded.
  As always, I am available to answer or find answers to any questions about this training or any other club secretary duties.
  Thank you for your attention!
Bob Gwyn
Cabinet Secretary