Is your Lions Club RELEVANT?



the quality or state of being closely connected or appropriate.


What’s the big deal between Lions Clubs and relevance?

Consider some of the synonyms for relevance:  importance, significance, connection, pertinence,  bearing, germaneness and applicability.

Ask yourself the question, “Is my Lions Club relevant?”

Now ask:

“Is my Lions Club important?”   “Is my Lions Club significant?”   “Is my Lions Club pertinent?”   “Is my Lions Club applicable?”

To the point – the question is……. “Do people think my Lions Club is making a difference”?

Important, significant, pertinent and/or applicable? What does that even mean.

Have you ever been in a Lions Club meeting – whether it’s a general member meeting or Board of Directors meeting – where someone says, “we should start up a service project to help the victims of <the latest natural disaster>, or <a glaring problem in your community>?

And then have someone else respond, “Oh, the Red Cross will handle that”, or “That’s what FEMA is for”, or “The church down the street is already addressing that”.

What they are really saying is “Let’s give away an opportunity to be relevant to our community by NOT being visible doing our job”.

They are suggesting that instead of doing your job, let someone else do it for us.

They are GIVING AWAY an opportunity for your club to be relevant to your community. To be important to your community. To be significant in your community.

Another answer you may hear: “Let’s just donate to <someone else’s> activity, they are already doing it”. All that means is that they will be content to be a foot soldier in someone else’s army.

Well, we have our own army – it’s the Lions Club, and none of us should ever settle for giving away the relevance of that name.

“But we are modest, and we don’t seek recognition for our actions”.

We know we make a difference, that’s all that matters”.

Actually no, it’s not.

No one ever runs a recruiting campaign or a fundraiser with the slogan, “Join Our Team, We’re Modest”, or “We help the other guys solve important problems”.

We already have mottos designed to show relevance and attract donations & members:

“We Serve”.

“Where there’s a Need, There’s a Lion”.

Ask people in your community, “Name the top 2 or 3 local organizations that help those in need in your community”. Mostly they will mention local churches.

If they say <your Lions Club> anywhere in their answer, then you can stop reading this now – you’re reaching people and they know it. Your club is relevant!

The more relevant your club is to your community, the more successful your club will be in raising funds and recruiting & retaining members.

Don’t be bashful about being a Lion…be proud…be relevant!

Serving you from my heart…….

Barbara Thompson

District Governor, District 31-O

Where there is a Need there is a Lion!