T’is the Season

‘Tis the Season

The Season for Service Projects

by DG Barbara Thompson

The holiday season is upon us and the need in our communities is greater than ever.

Whether it is the long-term effects of COVID, the spiraling costs of basic necessities or the impact of supply chain failures – it is the time of year that Lions step up their service projects to make a positive impact in their local communities.

So, consider a RAG Time Service Project this year.

What is that you ask? It’s Random Acts of Generosity Time. And this kind of project has three characteristics you will LOVE!

First, it’s spontaneous and can be run any time of year to address any type of community need. Food, clothing, school supplies or local disaster relief? Yup! Or anything else you can think of. It runs for a short period of time and can be completed in a couple of weeks or one month.

Second, it doesn’t take a lot of people to run it. A single point-of-contact can make this work. But, as always, the more the merrier.

And third, it’s self-funding! It centers around communicating to your club membership and community to provide donations to purchase whatever supplies your RAG Time project is looking to provide. Many of our club members don’t have the time to physically participate in our service projects – but they can contribute money so that others can. We all have our roles, and we all want to make our club successful.

If 100 total strangers can show up at a mall and do a choreographed dance routine, a service organization like the Lions can pull this off. It’s what we do – we just need more simple ways and opportunities to make it happen.

So, what do you need to conduct a RAG Time Service Project?

  • A cause or theme (no shortage there).
  • A short, concise message – “We want to raise funds to buy new children’s clothing for Christmas.”
  • A short, concise timeframe – “Between December 1st through December 15th.”
  • A club Treasurer to keep track of the donations.
  • Some smart shoppers that can ferret out good sales & take advantage of them.
  • A place to distribute the items (schools, churches, local businesses)
  • DONE!

Lions clubs that are close to one another can coordinate their efforts to cast a wider net for both fundraising and providing a service.

For this holiday season and in the coming year, let’s make it easier for club members and people in the community to participate in our service projects. Let’s make it really easy.

RAG Time may sound silly, but it is a serious way to provide serious service to your communities.

Give it a try!

Serving you from my heart…….

Barbara Thompson

District Governor, District 31-O

Where there is a Need there is a Lion!