Vass Lions Stage Strawberry Gleaning Activity

May 2022                                                                           Vass Lions Club

The Vass Lions Club partnered with the Society of St. Andrews & went strawberry picking on Saturday May 28th!

Tricia Lounsberry of the Society of St. Andrews contacted farms local to the Vass Club & arranged for a gleaning event at Karefree Produce farm in Carthage, NC.

The farm requested a max of 6 ‘gleaners’ & approved the event.

Since it was Memorial Day weekend, the Vass Lions were only able to field 4 pickers, but that was more than enough.

With Tricia’s help, 82 pounds of strawberries was gleaned in about 2 1/2 hours.

Karefree sweetened the pot by donating 10 cantaloupe melons for another 35 pounds of fruit.

The Vass Lions will donate all the fruit to the Vass Baptist Church Pantry for distribution.

If you would like to have your club participate in gleaning activities you can contact the Society of St. Andrews to speak with your local representative.