Cabinet Treasurer

Lion Laraine joined the Wingate Lions Club in November 1999 where she has served as secretary for several years in addition to being vice president, president, board member, and on numerous committees.

On the district level, she has served as Zone Chair and as chairperson of many committees including Liberty Day, Camp Dogwood, History, Orientation / Retention and Brighter Visions. Her skills have been vital to the Mid-Winter Planning Committees for several years, and she served twice as the Mid-Winter Convention Chair: District 31-E in 2015 and District 31-O in 2016. She has been a District Cabinet Secretary/Treasurer twice, and was 2nd VDG (D31-E, 2012-13), 1st VDG (D31-E, 2014-15), 1st VDG (D31-O, 2015-16) and District Governor (D31-O) 2016-17.

At the state level, Laraine has been the Chair for numerous MD31 Committees including Volunteer Committee (Co-Chair), Sight and Hearing Conservation, State Convention Rules, State Convention Attendance and Credentials, and Brighter Visions. She continues to be an active participant in NC Lions budget hearings and consistently volunteers during Camp Dogwood Summer Camp sessions, the NC Lions VIP Fishing Tournament, and monthly meetings of Union County’s VIP support group.

In addition to being a Life Member of NC Lions, Laraine is a progressive Jack Stickley Fellow, a William L. Woolard Partner-In-Service (Friend), a 1st progressive Melvin Jones Fellow, and a Sid L. Scruggs III Lighthouse Keeper recipient. She has received the International President’s Certificate of Appreciation, International President’s Letter of Commendation, 100% President’s Award, and 100% Secretary’s Award. Lion Laraine is a retired registered nurse and is active in her church, serving as a Sunday School teacher, a mission leader, and Sunday School treasurer. She has participated in mission trips to Ukraine, Alabama, and coastal NC and married to PCC Dale Dupree. They have 2 children, 6 grandchildren, and 5 great-grandchildren.